TDW Tech Solutions Also Offers Training Services

While visiting our website, you can enter a support request at any time, by clicking the "Tech Support Request" tab on the left side of your screen. Once your Tech Support Request has been submitted, one of our technical support specialists will follow up with you during our regular operating hours.

We at TDW Tech Solutions offer software training services to our friends. We consider knowledgeable, friendly, concise teaching skills to be just as important as our repair skills. But not many in this industry consider this to be of any importance. So, why do we make this service available to our customers?

There are multiple reasons, and each reason comes back to the world-class customer service experience we endeavor to provide to each of our friends. Let's consider some of the reasons.

          • Technology is only beneficial if we know how to use it to its fullest potential.
          • Many individuals do not realize the capabilities of their existing computers and devices; and as their needs grow, they often replace devices simply because they aren't aware of its capabilities. Please let us help to bridge that gap so you can enjoy your devices to the fullest.
          • When we are aware of the capabilities of our devices, we will find ourselves purchasing less redundant devices and using the items that we already have. We can help you unlock your device's full potential.
          • Training also helps to avoid future needs for service calls. I have run into a few occasions where someone had inadvertently changed a setting in their computer or device, and this ended up in a support service call to correct. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, my grandparents said to me quite often. We will gladly offer that ounce of prevention.
          • If you have a clearer understanding of your software applications and your devices, you will find yourself being more productive. Let your current systems handle the lesser, menial tasks while you move on to things more deserving of your attention.
          • Finally, we do take pride in bridging the gap between individuals and technology. In turn, we may find technology to be less intimdating, and more like a friend.

          Please let TDW Tech Solutions help you to fully understand the systems you current own and use.


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