Thank You For Choosing TDW Tech Solutions

While visiting our website, you can enter a support request at any time, by clicking the "Tech Support Request" tab on the left side of your screen. Once your Tech Support Request has been submitted, one of our technical support specialists will follow up with you during our regular operating hours.

Here at TDW Tech Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing expert technical assistance with all of your home and small business computing needs; while delivering world-class customer service.

What sets TDW Tech Solutions apart is the fact that we provide our services through remote-assistance applications rather than having to go on-site with our customers. While this may seem impresonal to most; there actually a number of advantages to offering this type of support. Some may ask: What are some of these benefits?

          • Support is generally available within minutes, not days you would spend waiting for someone to come to your home or and or place of business.
          • Remote assistance services provides a level of safety for our customers. No longer will a stranger or strangers need to enter your home or place of business.
          • TDW Tech Solutions offers expanded service hours during the week, even on Saturdays, to ensure that we are available to help address your technical concerns. This level of convenience is something you will rarely find with an on-site service provider.
          • By offering our services remotely, we are able to dramatically cut our expenses, so we can pass those savings along to our customers by means of our low hourly rates.
          • Wish to know more about TDW Tech Solutions, please visit the "About Us" section of our page.

For more information about our company, please visit the "About Us" section of our webpage.



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